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Simplr News | Born in Spain, the Startup That Powers the Access Economy

The Spanish press have already published it. Time to make this press release available in English as well: is preparing the first multi-vertical marketplace for pay-per-use products and services. It is an atypical startup for many reasons, one of which being the fact that its founders (Angel Bou and Daniel Romy), former entrepreneurs turned

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Working from Home | The Absolute Truth

It would be a severe understatement to say 2020 has changed our lives. From working from home to giving the access economy a major boost, and wearing medical masks in different social scenarios, the last seven months of our lives have been… mindset altering. To say the least. Most of these changes are not entirely

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Access Economy Insights | How Millennials Murdered Ownership

Oh, and there we were all in one place / A generation lost in space / With no time left to start again Don McLean, American Pie  If an alien probe scanned Earth right now, they would probably think “Millennials” are an organized-crime cartel. They would be drawing this conclusion, of course, from the hundreds

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