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The Spanish press have already published it. Time to make this press release available in English as well: is preparing the first multi-vertical marketplace for pay-per-use products and services. It is an atypical startup for many reasons, one of which being the fact that its founders (Angel Bou and Daniel Romy), former entrepreneurs turned venture capitalists (Inveready and Antai), have returned to entrepreneurship with a team that has gained experience in Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Apple or Zuora, and Spanish companies including Adevinta (Fotocasa/Habitaclia), Strands or Softonic.

By necessity or conviction, the year 2020 has altered many models of consumption. Daily habits have changed, people need more flexibility, and a gap that was already becoming evident has widened substantially: the majority of people do not care much for owning things and prefer to enjoy the experience of products and services without proprietary ties. A tendency that aims to manifest into a global reality: they call it the Access Economy.

The trend of commercializing products and services on demand, with the possibility of renting and enjoying in the moment, and returning everything once having fulfilled their function (possibly for a day or for months at a time) is continually growing. Before, the problem was the lack of platforms and providers that standardize subscriptions and products, thus rendering them accessible without the burden of ownership.

A recent study by Zuora clearly shows that nearly 70% of the global population is in agreement with the notion that one’s personal state is not defined by what one possesses.

The idea behind is straightforward and truly user friendly: one place to go when you desire to try out new furniture every month, activate electricity when you move home, subscribe to a car and only pay for the time you use it, go through audiovisual entertainment or even digital teaching, as easily as toggling a switch on and off. A race car only for the weekend, a portable air conditioner for only the really warm days, activating car insurance only for the day you use it… all with the advantage of paying only for user enjoyment and returning everything with the swift movement of a single finger. Select and enjoy, forget about the rest.

The marketplace will be ready for launch early in 2021 and is already collaborating with local, national and global businesses in a range of sectors. Here’s what they’re aiming for:

  1. Enable access to everything that an individual may need for as long as they may need it.
  2. Offer a single seamless interface, where all product and service subscriptions can be easily controlled.
  3. Help existing businesses transform their capacity to reach new audiences in the form of experience and in a more sustainable way.

Today publish their website in Spain and provide an entry point for businesses that wish to connect with their user communities and provide products and services in the form of experience through this brand new channel.

“Life, as a service. That is precisely our vision”, comments Angel Bou, CEO of

“I’ve been investing in startups for more than 8 years and is, probably, the startup with the most growth potential that I have ever seen. When Angel contacted me to co-found the engine of this great economic change it took me less than 24h to decide”, says Daniel Romy, CEO and responsible for the operational and financial architecture that enables to become an internationally scalable platform.

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