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Are You Still Buying That? 10 Things I’d Rather Rent than Own

Super top-secret confession time: I very frequently visit online stores, spend hours creating a cart, and then abandon it 😔. Part of why I do this is because I quickly realize there are A LOT of things I’d rather rent than own. Yes, I am sorry. But no, I am not going to resume the

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The Sharing Economy Is Quickly Gaining Ground. Here’s Why!

Without a doubt, the Sharing Economy has gained tremendous ground in the last few years. By 2025, it is estimated that this rising star will reach no less than $335 billion in sales (whereas in 2013, businesses in this sector scored an exciting, yet modest $15 billion in sales).  How did we get here, though?

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Stop Buying Stuff | A Modern-Day Hoarder’s Tale

I have this friend. Due to a series of circumstances, she once had to pack an entire home with three generations’ worth of things, stuff all of them in massive garbage bags, and take them to the town landfill. Just like Marie Kondo’s patients, she was emotionally attached to those things - until, in the

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May I Have Your Attention Please | The Pitfalls of the Attention Economy

Much like shopping malls, casinos are designed to get and keep your attention for as long as possible. From the free drinks to the lack of visible clocks and natural lighting, every inch of a casino is meant to make you spend more time and money in there.  The issue with today’s retail is that

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Simplr News | Born in Spain, the Startup That Powers the Access Economy

The Spanish press have already published it. Time to make this press release available in English as well: is preparing the first multi-vertical marketplace for pay-per-use products and services. It is an atypical startup for many reasons, one of which being the fact that its founders (Angel Bou and Daniel Romy), former entrepreneurs turned

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Access Economy Insights | How Millennials Murdered Ownership

Oh, and there we were all in one place / A generation lost in space / With no time left to start again Don McLean, American Pie  If an alien probe scanned Earth right now, they would probably think “Millennials” are an organized-crime cartel. They would be drawing this conclusion, of course, from the hundreds

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