Are You Still Buying That? 10 Things I’d Rather Rent than Own

Super top-secret confession time: I very frequently visit online stores, spend hours creating a cart, and then abandon it 😔. Part of why I do this is because I quickly realize there are A LOT of things I’d rather rent than own.

Yes, I am sorry. But no, I am not going to resume the checkout process, my dear email inbox looking back at me with wide-eyed innocence.


Because by the time I’m done searching, comparing, and adjusting quantities, I don’t need all that anymore. In the best-case scenario, I’ll need those things for a very limited amount of time (or like them for a limited amount of time). In the worst-case scenario, I can’t even remember why I ended up on those sites.

It applies to everything, not just physical products, really. I have planned two imaginary trips to Lapland and moved into a suburban mega-house about three times. And that’s just last year. Officially, I’m a Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist’s worst nightmare (which is ironic, all things considered).

Am I still buying that?

No, not really. But I would happily rent some of those things, provided the opportunity.

What are the top 10 things you too are more likely to rather rent than own?

Read on and find out more.

Vacation Homes

If I owned a vacation home in every idyllic place on Earth I plan to visit, I’d probably have to come up with an idea to earn more money than Elon Musk (and in a much shorter amount of time).

Instead, I’d happily short-term rent vacation homes everywhere in the world. In the Scottish Highlands and on Leonard Cohen’s Greek Hydra island, in the Australian outback or the middle of New York City. OK, maybe not the Australian outback, even normal insects scare me. Let’s replace that with a remote house in the Carpathian Mountains, wild enough for my taste.

It makes a lot of financial sense as well, actually. Instead of selling my soul to the Devil for a bank account full enough to give me all that, I get to experience it short-term, and come back to it if I ever feel like it.

A win-win kinda thing, right?

Yachts and Boats

Supposing I’d know how to swim, I wouldn’t be afraid of water, and I wouldn’t get seasick, I’d totally rent a yacht or boat. If not to use recurrently, then at least sparingly, or at least once.

Let’s face it: nothing says “luxury” more than a vacation on a boat, lost in an exotic paradise somewhere in the Bahamas. And while I’m far from affording luxury on a daily basis, I think I could probably save enough to experience a luxurious boat trip.

Cleaning Services

I’m a real mess of a person. No matter how much I clean and tidy up, there’s always something that I miss – or something that gets back to its initial messy state as soon as I finish sorting it.

I obviously cannot afford having someone around the house to perpetually clean it up, but I can definitely afford cleaning services. OK, this is not a “rental” per se, but I’d happily pay for a subscription on this.

Designer Everything

Provided that designers made things for fat people (that’s me, hello!), I’d totally rent out a pretty dress for a special event, or at least one of those Hermes scarves I’ve been ogling since 2017.

Would I ever pay hundreds of dollars for a scarf or thousands for a dress?


Would I pay to wear something once and then return it?

Yep. Count me in.

Power Tools

If you sometimes feel that every apartment building has that one neighbor who keeps drilling holes into their place to transform it into some sort of megalithic strainer, raise your hands! 🙌

Wouldn’t it all be a lot more peaceful for everyone if we all just rented this kind of power tools, if not for anything, then at least to not be tempted to drill holes every other day?

I’d totally rent these. I see no point in spending a lot of money on stuff I’ll use once in a blue moon.

Wedding Everything (Almost)

Weddings are expensive. That’s a universal fact. Even that small, intimate, mountainside affair you’ve been thinking of will cost you, well, a lot of money. Statistically, American couples spend about $30,000 on their weddings.

Yeah, you can start breathing again now.

Most of the spending goes on things that will only be used once or just for the sake of “design”, like:

  • The bridal dress, shoes, and accessories
  • The groom’s tuxedo
  • The bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attires
  • Décor (a LOT of it)
  • Wedding cake

… and so on.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just rent all that out and use them for your Big Day? You could walk down the aisle in the most outrageous designer wedding gown and still not have to pay loan installments two decades from now just for that one little delight. You could showcase the most shockingly beautiful wedding cake (made from inedible materials) and just serve sheet cake from the kitchen. You could have your thousand white roses and not see your money whither three days after the wedding.

Come on, you have to admit it, renting all this stuff does sound like the best solution ever, right?

Bicycles and Mopeds

I’m not sporty, not in any world and under any definition.

But I do find joy in biking around town, especially when I don’t have to carry my bike for three floors when I get back home, only to realize I have paid way too much for an object I’m using twice every spring.

Yes, renting bikes when you’re in the mood or when you’re in another city is definitely a great idea.

Camping Gear

This goes in the same category as bicycles, kind of. I love camping, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t get enough vacation time to actually see my money’s worth when it comes to camping gear.

So, yes, I’d be very happy to rent a big tent and all the cooking utensils for my man to happily play with.

Sporting Equipment

House gym equipment?

I made the mistake of buying something like that once, five years ago. It now functions as a very expensive clothes hanger in my living room.

If I had to go back, I’d very happily rent that out and change the equipment every now and then. It would keep me motivated, it would provide me access to the latest and brightest, and it would help me avoid going to an actual gym (which I personally don’t like at all).

Of course, there are a lot of other things I’d try for a while only. But this is my top 10 of things I’d rather rent or subscribe to, than own.